Governor Rick Perry Lonestar Event Center Book Signing

by admin on November 12, 2010

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Rick Perry Book Signing in Tyler Texas

Tyler Texas Governor Perry Book Signing

Governor Rick Perry will be at a Grass Roots of America We the People luncheon. He will also be at a book signing at the Lonestar Event Center in Tyler Texas at 11:30 a.m. this morning.

Rick Perry won the Texas governors race by a very large margin. The race was against Bill White who had never lost an election even while having big ears which he often pointed out in his radio ads.

Many in the Tea Party movement see Rick Perry as the lesser of two evils and someone who has given up on several conservative principals.

You can expect governor Perry to be held accountable this term by the Tea Party if he deviates from fiscal conservatice principles.

Also many understand that it just isn’t good to stay in political office as long as many politicians have. Texans no longer trust “career politicians” but dometimes there is simply no other choice.

So although not everyone is joyous that Rick Perry is once again the Texas governor they understand he has the potential to do many positive things this time around.

You can count on Grass Roots America to be there to hold him accountable if he goes against fiscal conservative principles that has kept Texas safe from economic destruction. This means smaller government, fighting for states rights, and listening to Texas tax payers.

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