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by admin on November 12, 2010

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Sonocare in Tyler TX

Sono Care of East Texas

1815 S Broadway Ave Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 520-3232

We went to Sono-Care today because we needed to make sure there were no medical issues at 14 1/2 weeks with our baby.

We discovered from a previous sonogram at 12 weeks that we probably had a baby boy. This 2nd sonogram made that finding even more official.

Sono-Care is a great facility as they are extremely pro-life there. I would hate to go get a sonogram at a place where the nurses and doctors had a weird belief that we were only looking at blob of cells.

Any normal human when seeing a sonogram will easily see that the liberal lies about fetuses not even being real human beings is so full of crap.

We saw our baby suck his fingers, smile, throw his hands up in the air and swim around. He had facial expressions and could obviously feel pain or discomfort.

Tyler Texas Sonograms

Sono-Care Tyler Texas

He was a miniature person in the womb and many atheists, liberals, and conservatives can all agree on this but there is still propaganda out there that has even the most devote church goers believing that abortions are no big deal as the baby is just a bunch of tissue and cells at this point and cannot feel anything.

At Sono-Care you will be treated with love and care and the people who work there have passion and extreme pleasure in their profession. walking into this place is not like walking into a cold unwelcoming hospital room where the sonographer basically treats you as a number.

We will be going back to Sono-Care in Tyler Texas for another sonogram check up but everything has checked out ok this time around and we are expecting a healthy baby boy.

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