Facebook Myspace avatar artwork for those who detest Obama

by admin on November 14, 2010

in Socio-Political Commentary

I found this great avatar to use as your Facebook or Myspace avatar artwork for a profile perhaps.

As you may know Obama personally hired several outspoken marxist and communists to be czars in hos administration.

Van Jones was hired as the Green Jobs czar. When he wad exposed to be a communist party activist he was fired because he received too much bad publicity.

The Green Party is just a disguised name for the communist party. They hijack something as noble a pursuit as cleaning up pollution and the environment and hide communism in it.

They then call this “social justice” as a more acceptible concept to swallow by the masses while moving the country further towards socialistic and communistic ideas.

Many young people and college students are believing the lies with no grip on US and world history.

It is clear from those Obama hired in his administration that he is a spoke in the wheel towards the US turning away from capitalism and individual rights and freedom.

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