What to do about Willie?

by admin on November 27, 2010

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What to do about Willie? And of course I’m referring to Willie Nelson. The iconic country singer was arrested in the west Texas town of Sierra Blanca, for what? Marijuana possession of course! The arrest took place Friday morning just over two weeks prior to his stop here in Tyler on December eleventh. Of course he posted a twenty- five hundred dollar bail and went on his way, but I doubt the incident will serve as any kind of wake- up call for the seventy seven year old musician.

The arrest brought a lot of criticism to our state, by readers and bloggers, who found Nelson’s arrest ridiculous and harassing. It’s my guess they must have been California readers. Look I’ll admit I’m torn. Telling Willie not to smoke pot is akin to telling a Kennedy to remain monogamous. It’s really for the best, but will he do it? Please… I have this vision of the country legend lighting up about a mile down the road from the police station after his release. That may be cynical, but it’s also very possible.

So what to do with Willie? According the article I read his arrest took place about nine in the morning when the office in question smelled smoke coming off the bus. Of course that particular bus is probably so saturated that the relatively uninitiated like myself, could get high on the preexisting fumes. Listen California. Please allow me to explain since many of you don’t seem to understand. We Texans are very much into personal liberties like keeping what we make, living where we want or protecting ourselves, our families and what we own. We’re generally not comfortable with widespread chemical addiction. I know Austin… I know… but for the most part we are generally conservative folks.

In the case of Willie Nelson I suggest that he spend the majority of his time in an atmosphere that allows him to pursue his… hobbies and interests, and only really venture out for concert appearances etc. When outside the commune participating in those aforementioned activities is taking chances but those are his to take. Just don’t get mad at us if he lands in hot water from time to time.

This whole story and subsequent discussion, coincides with Mr. Nelson’s visit to Tyler, which is rapidly approaching. I actually really enjoy his music and would certainly attend the concert given the opportunity. Here’s to hoping he can stay out of trouble long enough make it here. For more info on Willie Nelson’s Oil Palace concert, visit their website at www.oilpalace.com.

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