iRenew Continues to Push It’s Product Despite Legal Challenges to Power Balance

by admin on January 29, 2011

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Well, in the wake of numerous legal challenges and reprimands to similar companies’ one energy jeweler… oops sorry nano, biofield, therapeutic bracelet thingy, company seems to be increasing its advertising. Of course I’m referring to the iRenew products. (And yes their lack of creativity has lead them to copy the Macintosh marketing device of using the small “I” in the naming of their product).

My initial response to these companies was to ridicule them and their believers. But even that’s becoming difficult, in light of the legal hits taken by companies like “Power Balance,” who sells virtually identical products. Unfortunately iRenew continues to push its product undaunted by the negative reflection on itself. If the rest of the American public is anything like me they are more than a little tired of seeing pitchman Art Edmonds showing video of his goons setting up camp in shopping malls and performing the same old stupid balance tests on passersby. The kids performing the tests also deserve comment. They’re always twenty- somethings who look like they just finished working a double tending bar at Appleby’s and thought they’d drop by the mall for a bit, to see if they could make up a few extra dollars to afford that flat screen TV for their otherwise sparse apartments. And the only way the ads could get any more annoying is if instead of Art, they featured Vince Offer, of Sham- Wow fame.

One interesting point to note is the presence of a gorilla by the name of “Scott Becker MD.” The man of letters makes the innocuous claim that “Once you balance your body’s energy with iRenew, you balance your overall health.” The iRenew company evidently thought so much of this tag line they put it on the screen in quotes, and cited Scott Becker MD, Becker Hilton Medical Institute. This led me to wonder whether or not the Becker Hilton Medical Institute (BHMI) was a real medical facility or just a medical “think tank” dedicated to endorsing iRenew. I can’t be sure, but at best, BHMI seems like it’s devoted to finding homeopathic and alternative remedies to hormone problems like menopause and andropause or male menopause (something I’m uncomfortable mentioning and I’d rather know nothing about). Reviews of the company were nearly all negative and focused on Dr. Becker’s endorsement of the iRenew bracelet. This whole racket is so oily and disreputable it makes what to throw something at the television every time I see the commercial. To see more on the balance tests check out Tyler Tx Directory’s YouTube account where you’ll find further explanation.

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Ron cats February 17, 2011 at 5:12 pm

What. Question Dr. Scott Becker? I wish I had. Now all I am left with is a $175,000.00 unpaid malpractice judgment on this quack!


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