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by admin on January 31, 2011

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BJ's Restaurant in Tyler TX
I have gone to Houston quite a few times over the last couple years. Every time we have gone to Houston we eat at the BJ’s restaurant. I am excited to see that BJ’s is being built in Tyler. Tyler really does not need another restaurant, since there are basically only restaurants in Tyler, but I am very excited about BJ’s being built. The BJ’s restaurants in Houston are both restaurant and a brewery. Because of the fact that Tyler is a “dry county” this restaurant will not have a brewery and will just is a restaurant. I guess this fact will be a let down for some people, but the great variety and quality of food more than makes up for that fact. As you browse the large menu your mouth can not help but water from the great selection of food. The restaurant serves some of the best foods made with the perfect twist, no matter what your favorite food is (pasta, salad, sandwiches, steak, pizza, burgers, or giant stuffed potatoes) you will most likely find a dish at BJ’s restaurant that you will love. Just because they will not have the brewery does not mean that the restaurant will not be serving any alcohol. BJ’s restaurant will have their full wine, beer, cocktail, and specialty drinks.
BJ's in Tyler
The BJ’s restaurants also have ordering online! If you are like me, the only reason you really do not like to order take out, is because you have to sit in the restaurant for so long waiting for your food to be ready. By the time you food is done, you may as well ordered and ate at the restaurant; you would of got home around the same time. With the ordering online, you just go to the website and click on a location, browse the whole menu and put in your order. By the time you leave your home and get to the restaurant your food will be ready to take home. This is such a great and easy idea.
BJ's in Tyler Texas
I can not wait for this restaurant to open. The construction is going up fast. I know that it will be a huge hit in Tyler, but even Tyler crowds will not keep from enjoying the great food at BJ’s.

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Christina April 14, 2011 at 4:58 am

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this restaurant and the atmosphere that is in it.


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