Four Square

by admin on February 9, 2011

in Tyler Businesses

Four Square has become one of the most popular games. Four Square is played over the internet on smart phones, such as iPhones and Droids. Basically you “check in” when you go to business, house, or anywhere. The more you go out, the more you “check in” to restaurants and businesses you are awarded with titles (such as mayor). A ton of people have it set to their phone to post where they are on their Facebook wall, or on Twitter. To be constantly posting where you are every step seems a like you are just looking for someone to start stocking you. Posting where you are at does give different restaurants and businesses great free advertisement. I have seen someone check in to restaurants at lunch time and think “wow, that sounds good” and have gone just based on that. Some restaurants even give the four square mayor free food if you show you are mayor. Chili’s gives free chips and salsa. This game has become a huge hit! Everyone wants everyone to know what they are doing from a minute to minute basis. Although I have not got into the Four Square game, but from a business point of view it is a great way to let everyone know that you exist. Many people fight for the most “mayorships” in the game. You compete against complete strangers and can see who all has checked in. you need to have a Four Square account to play, which is free. So get ready to be stocked through your favorite social network, and start playing Four Square with the thousand other East Texans.

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