Chuy’s opening in Tyler

by admin on February 9, 2011

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Chuy's opening May 17th Tyler Texas

Chuy's Mexican Food in Tyler TX

Chuy's in Tyler TX

Chuy's Tyler TexasThe riddle of the day, what does Tyler have dozens of but keeps building? If you guessed Tex-Mex restaurants, then you got it right. Chuy’s restaurant is expected to open in Tyler April of this year. Well what makes Chuy’s any different than the rest of the Tex-Mex restaurants in Tyler? Why wouldn’t we stick to eating at Jalapeño Tree or Mercado’s restaurant? Chuy’s promises a new, fun, and different environment. Chuy’s restaurant started in an old barbeque shack in Austin, Texas. As two young men, Mike Young and John Zapp used all their money to open this first restaurant; they had no more than $20 to decorate. As you can imagine they had to use what they could find. Chuy’s restaurants still use this decorating technique. At some Chuy’s restaurants you might find tire rims hanging from the ceiling or old traffic signs hanging on the wall. They have a signature item in every restaurant which is the Elvis Shrine. One of the most important things about the restaurant is that they make a fun restaurant that makes you feel right at home.

The feel of the restaurant is fun, but more importantly the food is made fresh. The two men traveled towns in South Texas, Mexican boarder towns, and New Mexico, to find the best Tex-Mex recipes. It is important that Chuy’s food is made fresh. They have amazing hand rolled tortillas, and they make their salsa fresh every hour. The amazing and fun menu is unique and will make your mouth water just reading over it. You can enjoy a great hand made signature drink or just a usual personal favorite. If you are having a party and want great food, you can order off of their great “Party to Go Menu”. The food is sure to be fresh and they have healthier choices of Mexican foods.

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Chuy’s restaurant is a new and growing chain restaurant and its next stop is here in Tyler. Even though Tyler has so many restaurants, and a ton of the restaurants we do have are Mexican food; I think this will be a great new expansion to East Texas. Anyone who has eaten at a Chuy’s restaurant will be excited to have the restaurant open here.

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