What is the Product Launch Formula?

by admin on February 18, 2011

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Product Launch Formula

Local business people and entrepreneurs searching for a way to market their product, service, or local business may have heard of a program called the “Product Launch Formula” by Jeff Walker.

Jeff Walker is an old hat marketer on the internet and has a lot of common sense know how when it comes to creating a buzz surrounding what your trying to sell.

He was there when forums and newsgroups were the place to be to get out information on a product and he was there when email lists became the best strategy for launching a new product.

He is now available for explaining how you can still launch your product or service through the internet using some of these same means but also making use of such things as Facebook and Twitter.

Jeff goes over all the bases to the micro detail and touches on some of the most basic parts of the product launch process to the more advanced stuff.

The great thing about Jeff’s program is that he walks you through every step in order to build you up to the final goal of doing a succesfull product launch.

The rich create amazing TV infomercials to launch their product and sometimes make millions. Jeff shows you how to launch your product much more inexpensively and with a much higher success rate compared to infomercial product launches.

For those who sign up for the Product Launch Formula using my link you will get my Forex currency trades as I do them that have been ranked by Steve Forbes as being among the best he has seen.

I will send these Forex trades out to you in email updates as they happen so you can trade right along with me.

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P.S. Some have asked if the Product Launch Formula is a scam? No this is not a scam in the least bit. Jeff lays out very clearly what he offers in his training and it is not a get rich quick sales pitch and I think you will understand that as well once you read more about his program and watch his video.

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