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by admin on March 5, 2011

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Elite Bicycles
Elite Bicycles is Tyler’s premier bike shop. This shop is no second string outfit, they are equipped as any adequate bike shop should be. Elite is undaunted by providing you with the tools and even valuable first hand instruction of the repair or procedure you might be considering for your bike.

When a bike shop puts the equal exchange of knowledge and equipment ahead of making money from the unprepared it shows an important ethical quality, the type of which should be expected from all businesses.

The name Elite Bicycles has a certain air of superiority that could easily be criticized if the business was, in reality,  anything but elite. Well I am here to assure you that the name Elite is accurate in it’s description of Tyler’s local bike shop.

A strong cycling foundation is set for Tyler in Elite Bicycles, behind the store a qualified and dedicated staff deliver a top notch supply of bikes to the Tyler public. There is a bike for everyone from bmx riders and the Sunday afternoon cruisers all the way to the serious long distance cyclist looking to get their hands on the newest Felt road bike.

I believe I even spotted a few fixed gears hanging around the show room for the so inclined. Elite typically has a unique stock of high quality and even vintage products that alone makes for a worth while inquiry every now and then; products  such as the new-old stock Campingolo Pista crankset which is currently available for any cyclist with an above average taste in bike components.
Elite Bicycles in Tyler TX
Elite is certainly not the most inexpensive cycling store out there, they will occasionally price a pump a little too high, but this is the way of most upper class businesses, bringing you high quality but at a corresponding price bracket.

Tyler keeps Elite Bikes quite busy being it’s really the only close by place to get bike repair, so experience is well on the side of the staff. Elite demonstrates it’s knowledge and ability through it’s capable staff of passionate cyclists as well as through the thoughtful supply of biking equipment and high quality velocipedes.

No Tyler resident should have to travel far to meet their cycling needs with Elite Bicycles so close and so capable. This is not to say that finding that elusive or expensive bike part is beyond searching online, but it’s always a good idea to check at Elite first both to support local independent business growth and also for the great service and effort they show in consumer interaction.

Elite is an incredible resource for all bike owners in Tyler and a likely beginning for many emerging cyclists.

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