Genghis Grill

by admin on March 10, 2011

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Genghis grill is a new Mongolian stir fry restaurant which has recently opened a location here in Tyler at 3709 Troup Highway. This is a buffet style restaurant where you make your own bowl by choosing from a very large selection of vegetables, spices and protein such as chicken, beef or even tofu. Each customer is given a small metal bowl and a challenge to fit as many vegetables into it as physically possible.

The vegetable selection is wide and therefore it is important to carefully browse your options before getting carried away with your selections after only seeing some of the variety of ingredients. If you are more comfortable doing so there are small instructional cards to guide your bowl to a traditional style or feel free to be creative and do what looks best to you.

After piling your vegetables up high move on to choose your seasoning spices and sauteing sauce for your meal to be prepared in. Now you are ready to exchange this heaping mound of personalized stir fry for a number.

Take a seat and await for the traditional Mongolian style cooking method developed originally for use in battle on the warriors shields. After a fiery display of vegetable grilling and a few gong rings your food will be brought to you and you will be able to experience your creation.

One piece of advice some might appreciate would be to go easy on the sauce when preparing your selection, it is much stronger than one might expect. Genghis Grill also has a bar and even a selection of wine as do most restaurants in Tyler’s pseudo-dry community.

Genghis Grill is a new restaurant and the service is enthusiastic as you might expect from a fresh crew and place. It has a enjoyable atmosphere with no overbearing music or stressful crowds.The showmanship of the cooking provides a subtle entertainment for while you wait for your food.

Genghis Grill also provides the self proclaimed healthy options, in fact they are so confident in the benefit of their health options they’re currently hosting a subway style exclusive diet contest between three contestants who will eat nothing but this menu for three months, while following a hospital recommended exercise and nutrition plan to demonstrate exactly how life changing eating healthy and eating at Genghis Grill can be.

The prize will be ten thousand dollars awarded by the public’s choice of their favorite contestant, a somewhat confusing judgment process that doesn’t necessarily directly account for the relative health or improvement of the contest participants. But no matter how this riveting contest ends it is good to know that Genghis Grill is a responsible as well as delicious source for Mongolian stir fry in Tyler.

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