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by admin on October 3, 2011

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Digital multimedia and control systems are swiftly becoming staples of the modern home. From complete home theater systems to home automation systems, we all enjoy the ease and comfort of a ‘smart’ home and the sharp, crisp sensations of high-definition digital audio and sound. Fortunately for we Tylerites and East Texas folks, there’s one top-notch industry expert right in our back yard: Cross Systems of East Texas.

Located in Whitehouse, TX, Cross Systems ambitiously upholds its vision of “providing exceptional technology and performance to the deserving customers in the East Texas Region” by working one-on-one with its local patrons an a level of exceptional depth and cooperation. Probably one of the best things about having people around like the guys at Cross Systems is that they see the job through all stages. No matter what the project is, they start with careful planning of the entire project, and they’re with you even well after it’s done to offer support.

East Texas isn’t exactly a metropolis. Many of our residents, and even our churches and businesses are spread out in rural areas, but they all still want the latest, coolest tech just like everyone in the larger cities. which brings to the forefront one of the best things about Cross Systems. They can bring the best high-tech digital experiences to rural venues, and they’re local so you get to meet the people doing the work in person, talk to them face to face and avoid the hassle and high prices of the bigger companies. Plus, if you ever need help or support, you won’t get lost in a maze of customer service departments and corporate offices strewn across the country. But Cross Systems isn’t limited just to the East Texas area. They’ll also reach all the way out to Dallas – Fort Worth and into Louisiana.

Cross Systems seems like just a perfect place to start shopping for Texans who have never shopped for things like home theater systems and home automation equipment. Sure, it’s great to have awesome an awesome entertainment setup in the den, but the task of getting one can be daunting. The guys at Cross Systems are able to take a lot of the apprehension and confusion out of the process. That’s also a plus for businesses looking for that turnkey solution at the right price. Go check out their website at, meet the crew, and see all the cool stuff they have – right in our own back yard!

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