Texas Rangers AL West Champions

by admin on October 4, 2011

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The Texas Rangers once again are AL West Champions and with each new advance they bump it up a notch to take on a new challenger. My call is that the Tigers will beat the Yankees tonight which means the Rangers and the Tigers will face each other.

Both of these teams are quite good but I think Beltre showed us tonight just what kind of surprises the Rangers can put up when they need to. This Rangers team has the ability to spur each other into action when they need it the most and I think that is what you will see when the Rangers and Tigers face off with each other.

Hamilton remains the 3rd highest batting average with Beltre 2nd and Gentry having the highest in the AL Division Series. The Tigers will be a hard match up but I am sure there will be some big surprises once again.

To read more about the Rangers and their advance to the ALCS please read these very enthusiastic fans and bloggers of the Texas Rangers who both happen to live here in Tyler.

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