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by admin on October 6, 2011

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I have been looking at Youtube lately to see how this website has influenced the local real estate industry in Tyler Texas. I have always thought that promoting homes for sale through video is one of the best ways to utilize Youtube for business purposes. Another good way to use Youtube is to promote cars for sale through the use of it. I have used Youtube to sell my car by videoing the car inside and out and revving the engine. I then placed the link to this video on Ebay and received over 10,000 unique views to my ebay listing. I had people calling everyday and had no problem selling it. Real estate offers a similar ability to promote a local real estate listing although you cannot ship a house out of state like you can a car so there will not be as many unique buyers. What you will find is that many people are trying to relocate from out of state or out of the city and may actually commit to buying a property without ever setting foot in it simply by looking at a detailed walk through video hosted on Youtube.

Below are the top Tyler Texas real estate agents and companies that use YouTube to promote their listings.

The Michael Tolbert YouTube Channel – The guy in Tyler Texas that is really killing it the most with YouTube real estate marketing you may have never even heard of before. His name is Michael Tolbert and works for Heritage Land Realty. He beats everyone in Tyler regarding total channel page views of 651 and 3,909 total video views. Several of his home for sale videos have over 100 views a piece. As I look through his home for sale videos I see these video view numbers per video, 179 views, 169 views, 158, 160, 123, 97, 95, 85, 82, 63. You can watch his most popular home for sale video below.

The Pamela Walters Group YouTube Channel This channel offers several referrals from happy customers and some questions about why you should choose The Pamela Walters Group for buying or selling a home in Tyler. This YouTube channel has 17 videos, 316 total channel views (which is simply the main page of their YouTube channel where all of their videos are listed). The channel views does not give a complete representation of how often their videos are watched but if you look at their total upload views they have had 1,154 total views on all their videos since their join date of Oct 21 2010. Below is one of the most popular videos on the channel.

The Beverly Rowe YouTube channel seems a little unvisited as they only have 73 channel views and 48 total upload views eve though the channel has been up since Sept 17 2009. This real estate agent could really use the help of someone skilled in promoting YouTube and getting more eyeballs on the channel. At this time her channel has two videos that are in a commercial slideshow format that show pictures of Tyler and Jacksonville with music and title text in the background. At the end of the video a call to action is made for people to call to speak with her about real estate needs. These commercials were likely done with some of the nifty slideshow movie creation services available on the internet such as Animoto. In order for her to get more viewers she should consider subscribing to related channels, becoming friends with people on YouTube and making more videos showing home walk throughs of houses she is trying to sell.

The Living in Tyler YouTube Channel is done by Jonathan Wolf who is a Remax real estate agent since 2002. His total Youtube channel page views is 165 and his total overall views of all his YouTube videos is 462. He has 12 videos in his channel and his most viewed video has over 100 views. The video is a walk through of the house both insde and out and gives a good indication of what the house is like if you were out of town and needed to shop over the internet. His channel was created September 20 2008.

The Bob Sells Tyler YouTube Channel is another local Tyler realtor marketing on YouTube. His channel was created June 24 2010 and his total channel views are 103 while is overall video views is 264. It appears he has only one video and it is of a house with a pool. He shows as having affiliations with Keller Williams Realty – TylerRE/MAX. His video is a nice walk through of the house with music, slideshow and call to action to call him at the end. I was able to get a real good feel for what the house is like in every room. This was a very nice $325,000 house for sale in Tyler.

The Russel Enright YouTube channel is one of the best ones I have seen although the views are about the same as the others. His most viewed video has 98 views and in total he has 18 videos on YouTube which is more than any of the other realtors. He uses a video service called Realbiz360 to do his home walk through tour videos. His top video was a Lake Palestine lot. He also has videos of homes for sale as well with comprehensive walk through. His channel page has 142 views and his total video views is 419 for all of his videos.

The REMAX Impact Realty YouTube Channel has 9 videos but in total these videos have been watched 32 times. Although the realtor has done a lot of video work they have failed to get the kind of exposure they need to their YouTube channel. Getting eyeballs to see a website or web page is not easy but it would help if this Youtuber spent more time subscribing and friending other local Tyler Youtuber’s as well as embedded these videos on their own website if they have not done this yet. Here is their most popular video of a home for sale walk through in Tyler with only 8 views.

The Burks Team YouTube channel has a pleasant blue background color and some high quality video customer referrals. Their channel is recent as having only been created since July 5th 2011. They have 26 channel views and 62 total views of all their videos. So far they have only uploaded 4 videos. Their most popular video referral has 23 views and is a review by Ruby. On a separate YouTube that does not appear to be controlled by the Burks Team there is the Glenn Beck endorsement of the Burks Team. I have included the Glenn Beck video as well below.

For great tips on how to use Youtube to promote your local Tyler TX business please read our YouTube tips article

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Karen Richards November 13, 2011 at 8:44 am

Hey Donnie this is a great review! So often we find that real estate agents are stuck in the past and very slow on the up-take of new marketing methods. As a full time agent with a dedicated marketing team I though it would be helpful for home owners that are wanting to sell their home to have some guidance on selecting an agent to list that home. It can be seen on our You Tube channel….FindMyNewHomeInTexas.
Keep up the great work!


Dallas Homes November 13, 2011 at 8:56 am

Hello Donny!
Great post! We often see listings expire in NTRES (North Texas Real Estate Systems) That is the MLS system for most of the counties around Dallas. We put together a video for some of those home owners that covers some of the main reasons that we see this happening. Mostly we find it is due to the fact that the listing agent did not take advantage of tools like You Tube to sell the home. It can be seen here….FindMyNewHomeInTexas
Love your blog and the dedication that you are putting into it!


tylerdirectory November 14, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Karen, thanks for your comment. Your videos are great, offer great help for home shoppers and get a ton of views. More Realtors in Tyler TX should look at your youtube channel to see how to market their realty companies using free resources like the video hosting site, Youtube.com


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