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by admin on February 8, 2012

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I recently had two procedures done on my leg to remove varicose veins. The first procedure was the Endovenous Laser Ablation which heated the inside of the vein causing it to close. The second procedure was the Ambulatory Microphlebectomy which some veins were removed through small incisions.

The Vascular Specialists of East Texas is located on Idel Street near Trinity Mother Francis Hospital. When I had my first visit, I was a little nervous. I watched some you tube videos of these procedures and it made me a little scared.  Dr. Robbins made me feel a little more comfortable about the procedures and let me know that I would be walking around right after the procedures. An ultrasound was performed on my leg and a few weeks later I came back for the procedures. I am a nursing mother and felt unsure about taking some medications. The Dr and staff were considerate and allowed me to not take a pill that I was uncomfortable taking.

During the procedures a few things went wrong. The facility did not have non latex gloves and I am allergic to latex. I told them before they started that I’m allergic to latex but Dr Robbins and his staff used the latex gloves anyway. He did ask me what kind of reaction I have and I said usually a rash and very itchy. Another thing that went wrong was during the Microphlebectomy a small vein was either left partly out of the incision or it somehow came out. I didn’t know this until I removed the bandage a few days later and that vein was stuck on the bandage.

The Dr must also work at the hospital and was relaying info to someone who was on the phone with the ER during my procedures. But while he was talking he didn’t take his eyes off what he was doing during my procedure and he was very focused. I watched during a part of the Endovenous Laser Ablation and then decided to look at the ceiling. Yes, I was awake during both procedures. I would rather be awake so I liked that part. Dr Robbins numbed parts of my leg around the veins. It didn’t hurt. I only felt a tugging sensation during the Microphlebectomy. The laser procedure went great and I am happy with the result from it.

The recovery was harder than I thought it’d be, mostly because it was so itchy the next day. I took some Benadryl and that helped. I probably should have brought my own gloves or refused to let them use latex gloves. Taking off the bandage was painful because a small vein was attached to it and I had to pull it off. The vein mostly went back in the incision and just left a tiny pink bubble which turned to a scab. There was a sore tight cramp in my thigh which was expected but it wasn’t too bad and eventually faded away.

When I had my first follow up visit, they said I didn’t have to pay for that visit. It went well and the blood flow in my leg looked great. I had one more follow up visit and the ultrasound showed that the blood flow is good. It was a success.

The procedures are pretty pricey and I received a few bills in the mail even though I paid in full at the check out desk. My husband was upset because it seemed like they were charging us way more than they told me in person. Apparently the bills were accidentally sent to us and we don’t owe any more. Phew! They did try to charge me for the visit that they told me was free and I told Mary at the checkout desk that I thought the Dr wasn’t going to charge me because of the vein that was left hanging out. She put a note on my papers and I received a call later and was told that the Dr didn’t mess up on my leg and he was just being nice and not charging for that visit. I’m thinking Ok, whatever, as long as I’m not charged anymore.

I left them a box of non latex gloves in case someone else is allergic to latex. I really am shocked that they didn’t have any.

I think over all the Vascular Specialists of East Texas in Tyler were good and I’d go back there again if I needed too.


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