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As someone who knows what it is like to be a struggling college student, I thought I would suggest what may seem to some like a somewhat extreme method of making a little extra cash each week. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, so let me assure you that it is perfectly legal, and there’s no need to remove any clothing. I’m referring to “donating” plasma at Biolife Plasma Services in Tyler.

What exactly is Blood Plasma?

Blood plasma is the yellowish fluid mixed into the blood. It’s the portion which contains the blood’s cells and is easily replaced after a couple of meals. During the donation process, blood is extracted from the donor, the plasma is separated, and the remainder of the blood is returned to the patient’s blood stream. The plasma is then used for medical research as well as the manufacture of treatments for various forms of disease. What should I expect from the donation process?

In order to become a donor, an investment of about three hours is required. You’ll want to make an appointment, as the Tyler Texas plasma center is always full of people. Don’t just show up expecting to give, and get paid an hour later. When you make an appointment the staff will set up your account and give you a brief physical. This is not a complete physical but consists mostly of a blood pressure test, and standing on a scale. There is also an extensive series of questions regarding medical and sexual history. Personal privacy and dignity is protected by the fact that after the initial visit the questions are answered via touch screen computer. Contrary to urban legend, having a tattoo or two does not disqualify you from donating, provided any tats or piercings are at least four months old.

After the initial visit the process usually takes around an hour and fifteen minutes. Each visit the donor is required to answer the questionnaire, weigh in, have his or her finger pricked, and blood pressure and temperature tested. Once this short ritual is completed the donor is directed to a bed where the I.V. is inserted. Don’t worry after a couple of minutes you’ll completely forget it’s there. I should also say a word about a pre-donation meal. It is very important to eat prior to donating. Once, I neglected to eat due to a busy morning and still gave. It was a most unpleasant experience. The rule, as I understand it, is not to wait longer than three, or three and a half hours after eating to give blood. Failure to heed this advice results in nausea and dizziness.

What are the rewards of donating plasma?

On one hand I am not going to say that the process is always pleasant, particularly if you’re squeamish, but it’s not a terrible one either. There is generally little discomfort, and for an hour of reading time, the pay is pretty good. The staff there is really great. They are competent, helpful and friendly. Giving blood twice a week you can expect to make from two hundred to around three hundred five dollars a month. Twice a week is the maximum donors are allowed to give, and visits cannot add up to three in a seven day span. Even after the initial visit you’ll have to continue making appointments, which can be done on line. Beyond the immediate financial benefit, you can be assured that the sacrifice is for a worthy cause. Tyler’s Biolife Plasma Services is located at 1827 W. Gentry Tyler Texas. For more information you can also consult their website at

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