Jersey Mike’s Wins in the End

by admin on October 15, 2009

in American Food

For those looking for a great place to stop for lunch, Jersey Mike’s makes a delicious sandwich for a reasonable price. Now, I like an occasional Subway sandwich as much as anyone but I find that on completing one, I can hardly remember having eaten it. Not so with Jersey Mikes. At JM they build their sandwiches using only the freshest ingredients. And trust me when I say that this sandwich shop can satisfy even the biggest appetite.

My personal favorite is the cheese steak sub. Now as someone who has eaten a genuine Philly Cheese steak sandwich on the actual streets of Philadelphia, allow me to testify to the fact that they are pretty hard to beat. Well Jersey Mikes can’t beat them, but they come closer to matching them than anything I’ve tasted in Tyler or East Texas. The meatball sub is also one of their delicious signature sandwiches.

Jersey Mike’s is no big secret in Tyler. Lunch time brings out quite a mixed crowd. This store is a great place for a bite on the go, or an informal business lunch. In comparison to other area sandwich chains, I would place Mike’s near the top of the heap. In my opinion it beats out both Subway and Quizno’s. McAlister’s serves delicious fare, but due to personal reasons makes for awkward social situations. Newk’s is good, but priced too high for what you get. Schlotzsky’s is also serves some excellent food, so I find it a close call between them with JM winning by a nudge.

So the next time you find yourself craving a sub sandwich, try something other than the usual stops. Try Jersey Mike’s, it is located at 4754 South Broadway next to Eye Mart Express. I think I can guarantee you will remember eating there.

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