Movie in the Park

by admin on August 4, 2010

in Fun

Bergfeld Park has been the home of many shows, banquets, and events in East Texas. Some of them are very odd, like the animals in the park were they only sold ice cream treats for your dog and not for your kids, but some of them are a great idea, like the movie in the park. A few times a year a huge projector screen is set up in the middle of the park and a family friendly film is played. This event is opened for anyone in Tyler TX or even visitors. They always play movies that are appropriate for small children, if it be an old Don Knotts film or a somewhat new release.

Many times people bring free drink and snacks for everyone watching the movies. I was surprised how many people came out to this Tyler TX event. We had so much fun even though the seat were not that comfortable and it was pretty hot outside (it does help that it is not in during the day). This is a great event for your family met other families and the best part is that it is free. You can see signs on the corner of Broadway and the park of the newest shows and times, they also advertise for other up coming events.

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