Brookshires Grocery Store

by admin on September 2, 2009

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Brookshire’s, Tyler, TX(Located on Broadway and Rice just south of the Loop)

10 out of 10 StarsRate Brookshires Grocery

Besides basic Tyler grocery store needs, this Brookshire’s has some attributes that some may not know about.  Some specialty areas which are located on west part of the store include: A Coffee Bar/Shop, a Chinese Restaurant, a Sushi Bar, a Deli Counter, an Olive Bar, and a Salad Bar.  Having these extras available in a neighborhood grocery store is rare and at least one can be utilized by most any customer.  My favorite part of the store is Brookshire’s Sushi Bar. It has an excellent selection of basic sushi trays at a good price. Another advantage of the sushi bar is the convenience for those who are on a limited budget and maybe even limited time if you should be craving sushi.  Since the store is open for 24 hours, the sushi trays are also available for those operating hours. However, one should keep in mind that because the sushi is made during the early part of the day and the actual sushi bar is only open until late evening, the later in the evening, the less chance of finding the variety one might desire.

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