Andy Woods Elementary School Area

by admin on November 30, 2009

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When relocating to Tyler Texas it is sometimes hard to picture what a house may look like simply from the real estate listing emails you receive from your Tyler realtor. The way me and my wife found our house was by driving out to a neighborhood and looking at homes we liked. We would occasionally find a house that was for sale and it would sometimes be just what we were looking for.

You can use an MLS search tool to look through homes in a certain zip code. You will be able to narrow down your choices this way but it is always worth getting into your car and going to areas that are known to be good locations to live in. The Andy Woods Elementary school area in Tyler Texas is a great affordable location in Tyler to buy a home. There are several moderately priced neighborhoods in this area and if you work in Tyler you will likely not have a very far drive to work.

There is one house close to Andy Woods I would recommend staying away from. One of the houses has a large sign in the front yard because of a land dispute. The sign is about 10 feet tall by 5 feet and has a large map of the diputed property line. What is weird is that the property line in dispute crosses into his property by a couple feet. The fence was built several years ago and there just isn’t anything legally the guy could do anyway to get the lady to move her fence and storage shed.

The guy in question doesn’t look like he plans to budge anytime soon and the little old lady in the house he is disputing with I can’t see paying to have her fence and storage shed picked up and moved. When considering moving into this area of Tyler this is the only real problem I have seen in the area. There are a few little cottage styled houses that are really small as well that would probably go for around $70,000 – $90,000. A small cottage home would be great for a single first time home buyer. A couple with no kids could also find a pretty decent small affordable home in this area of Tyler as well. There are some larger homes in this area as well but it is good that you have your pick at different price ranges on houses in the same area.

There is a park nearby Andy Woods called Pollard Park and it has a Tennis Court and two nearby churches. The soccer fields are big enough to fly a Kite and the park has a fairly good sized playground. This year the Obama Administration is offering a $8,000 first time home buyers tax credit you don’t have to pay back. Because of the state of the economy I am not sure if this credit is a smart thing to give out right now but since it is available I would jump on it as I don’t think it will be around much longer.

I have seen people walk around the park with their dogs, some drive golf balls there in the evenings. There are about 6 tennis courts available with a large fence around them to prevent your tennis ball from going out into the road.

The Andy Woods area with the park and good elementary school system offers a low crime rate, moderately priced Tyler homes and gives you a central location in South Tyler. Your drive to Best Buy is about the same drive time as it would take to get to the court house or Tyler mall. For the location, low crime rate, school, and park I think you will get a very good deal for a home in this area of Tyler.

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