Obama Gave Cookie Cutter Bland Speech To America

by admin on August 31, 2010

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Obama Not a Favorite Among Military

Did you just touch me?

Obama said muddled during conversations with the military in Texas, that because of the U.S. efforts in the Iraq war, “America is more secure.”

During his speech he taunted these same military by saying that the war was a mistake. He refused to admit that the surge was a success and he used cloudy messages to continue his message that we should have never been in Iraq.

In his next breath he explained of his continued war path in Afghanistan as if although opposed to war for some reason the war in Afghanistan is much better than what we did in Iraq?

House Republican leader John Boehner said that congressional leaders who opposed the troop surge that led to advances in Iraq are now taking credit for it. Obama didn’t go so far as to take credit for success in Iraq but continues to refuse to admit that the surge did in fact work after he stated before that it would never work.

Now he acts as if the public believes this flip flop nonsense of some how the Iraq war was morally wrong but the Afghanistan war is right? Are we supposed to just believe him on this because of his supposed superior intellect or are people ready to admit that this guy is a fraud?

I am not so sure taking military forces out of Iraq is a good idea at this point although 50,000 US military will remain however secretive the left has tried to make this fact. The truth is we are still in Iraq and will likely need to be there awhile longer unless we want all those lives waisted in vain because of Obama now preferring the war in Afghanistan over the Iraq war.

I believe most of us in Tyler Texas understand that Obama and many of his leftist radicals are deceivers and Marxist enemy’s of traditional American values like the pursuit of each individual citizen to to have life, liberty, and happiness without being lumped into a large socialistic mass of people to provide a Utopian fairness.

This type of political system that the leftist government feeds the public is soaked up by easily manipulated young idealistic kids, people who believe they are smarter than most because of their masters degree, and many who take medication because of psychotic mental problems.

Obama’s speech was boring and everything I thought it would be. He made it perfectly bland not too far in either direction while making a hard stand on some of the things he simply can no longer back down from at this point in the game.

For the future, let’s hope our country sees good liberty loving American’s voted back into office and both liberal Republicans and liberal Democrats careers dried up for good.

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TRH September 1, 2010 at 1:50 am

Great Pic! Says more than the speech did.


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