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by admin on December 1, 2009

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Outback Steakhouse Tyler TX
In the past few visits to Outback Steakhouse I have noticed a dramatic improvement in service and food quality. The deserts actually taste better and the steaks have been cooked right. Consistency is a big deal to me and Outback has really been getting it right. A few years ago something was off and I imagine Outback may have had a bad manager or something because the service was always terrible, the food didn’t come out cooked correctly or even tasting right. I am so glad that Outback in Tyler TX is back on track and has their service, food, and steak temperatures down. I know that for every negative thing that happens to you it takes about 5 good things to evenly balance your assessment of a restaurant. Taking that into consideration I truly believe that Outback management is back on top of what goes on there.

One minor pet peeve of mine is I wish that Outback would rinse out their beer mugs and glasses a little better. The edible sanitizer in the glasses can be tasted very well in beer and it really ruins the beer taste. This sanitizer taste in beer mugs and glasses seems to be the case in almost every Outback franchise I walk into whether it be in Houston, Dallas, or Tyler.
Outback in Tyler TX
Regarding the Outback deserts I would say that the hot fudge brownie icecream thing is much better than what you get at Chili’s. I would still prefer to head over to Marble Slab for some of their icecream but the fudge brownie thing is very good. The recent holiday addition of the gingerbread cookie martini however looks very disgusting and I am not sure why anyone would buy it. The Martini has cookie crumbs on the rim and a gingerbread cookie floating in the alcoholic beverage. I just don’t get it and I am not sure enough people would understand this combination to buy it. I may be wrong but I just had to mention the martini because it was very weird.

My recommendation when ordering from Outback steakhouse is to go with their 7 ounce filet and maybe even add a lobster tail. I would have the steak cooked medium and I think you will really enjoy that dinner. I always get their house salad and a loaded baked potato although their ceasar salad and sweet potato are also very good choices.

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