The Tour of Texas Day Two

by admin on March 8, 2011

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Presidio La Bahia in GoliadI have yet to visit the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad on a sunny day, but I guess that’s appropriate given the historical context of the place. The mission / fort is of course the place where Colonel Fannin and his men agreed to an honorable surrender after four days of fighting the Mexican army, only to be unlawfully executed upon the orders of Generalissimo Santa Anna. Today the mission has been repaired and restored to its former beauty. Unfortunately the point of interest is often overshadowed by popular locals like the Alamo. Not to take away from the significance that place; far be it from this Texan! But Goliad is an often overlooked jewel of a stop that should be visited more than it is. It’s both beautiful and significant.

From Goliad we made for the coast. We rode the Port Aransas ferry and headed for Mustang Island State Park. On the way ate from the second major Texas food group, seafood. After seeking local counsel we stopped into a restaurant / bar called Kody’s. The “décor” was… rustic. The food was incredible! Seafood allowed us to check another box on our list of traditional Texas cuisine experienced. Fish planks, shrimp sandwiches, fried oysters, gotta love dining in an ocean front town! After dinner we proceeded to the stop that was both an event and an accommodation.Goliad

An extended family member once wrote on Facebook that they longed for a foreign shore. Well they’re clearly not from Texas! As a young man I have grown up somewhat apologetic about the Texas Gulf Coast. I have often conceded that the sand is inferior to that of other states and beaches. However, over the last few years of visiting our Texas Coast and reading on its history I’ve come to Love it. Its cities have a culture and a mystique all their own. They have survived hurricanes (in Galveston’s case two), pirates, revolution and civil war. They show the characteristics of the American old south, a seaside community, and the American southwest all blended together. This stop was a first in the seven years I’ve been leading these trips. I’ve been to Mustang Island before, but never camping with a group of students, and no I’m not actually crazy. Overall the kids did great. As a class we built a fire on the sand, cooked hot dogs, and camped in tents. They slept till 7:30, got up, broke camp, and we were on the road just in time to avoid soaking in a morning thunder shower. It was a great time. Hopefully future Tours of Texas will include similar visits to state parks.Mustang IslandMustang Island TXTX Ships

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