Members of the Mineola Sex Ring Released from Jail

by admin on June 2, 2011

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Mineola sex ring released from jailThere really is no justice, even in East Texas. I’m referring of course to the guilty plea that allowed the rest of the Mineola pedophiles to be released on the grounds of time served. Excuse me but, there isn’t enough time! The report I read stated that judge Skeen and the prosecution didn’t have the heart to put the child victims through another round of excruciating testimony. This is a compelling argument to me. I can’t imagine having sit through the account myself, let alone live through it! What really sticks in my craw is that these worthless defendants are actually profiting by their horrific actions by holding the threat of telling their story over the heads of the children and their families, thereby abusing them all over again! I was not one of the Tylerites upset when the court brought rather severe sentences for the church arsonists last year. But it seems now that they were condemned by their defense’s inability to black mail the victims and their families with the threat of making them repeatedly relive their crimes. As I say, I understand the judge’s reasoning in this case, but it doesn’t make the result any easier to take.

The sickies who were released this past week, each pled guilty to third degree felony injury to a child in exchange for time served. The most recent releases were of Jamie Pittman, Patrick Kelly, and Rebecca Pittman on Friday, May 27th. As I understand it Shauntel Mayo and Jimmy Sones remain in Jail and Sheila Sones was released the day before the others. Only Dennis Pittman is serving time for his conviction, but of course he has appealed his decision. Check out the mug shots and remember the faces parents, once a pedophile always a pedophile. For their sakes, I certainly hope these defendants remain friends, because they’re not going to find any new ones in Tyler or East Texas.

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