Lindsey Field in Tyler

by admin on June 14, 2012

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Tyler’s city parks are becoming increasingly central to my sense of community in this town. I realize that for most people it’s probably always been this way, and I’m only now noticing it since I’m now an adult and a parent. Here at Tyler TX Directory, we’ve written fairly extensively on the various city parks. Rose Rudman, Bergfield and Faulkner Parks have all graced our pages at one point or another and all are great parks. A number of them have been improved in recent years. One park, on which we’ve not written much, deserves a mention, and that’s Lindsey Park, on Greenbriar road and spur 364. The park has at least five baseball / softball fields, about six or seven different soccer fields and a frisbee golf course. All the facilities are really nicely developed, and well maintained. The park has also recently added some new children’s playground equipment.

I’ve already spent some evenings with my son at this park since the summer started. Even (and perhaps especially), when there’s no one else around, it’s a great place to hit a few balls and run the bases. When that gets old the new swings and jungle gym are a great way to burn off a little excess energy before hitting the showers and heading to bed. So when the kids get rowdy this summer, try visiting this park. You’ll find lots of space to run, and play.             

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