Mercado’s popular for out-of-towners

by admin on September 27, 2012

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It’s crazy to think of how popular Mercado’s restaurant in Tyler really is.

Often times, when I’m out of town and people here I’m from Tyler, one thing people have told me is they enjoy going to Mercado’s in Tyler. This happened to me when I lived in Houston and it happened just the other day, about an hour half away from Tyler. Anytime somebody comes from out of town, it’s common for the hosts to take their guests to Mercado’s.

People from Tyler and outside of Tyler have raved about it on Google’s reviews.

One customer says, “Just ate at Mercados, and it was amazing. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The food was fantastic. The menu is not a bad price. Compared to all of the other Mexican places in Tyler this is the best one. I will never eat at another Mexican place.” Another one says, “The food is really good, the best I’ve tasted around Tyler Area. The chips and tortillas are the best and it’s always clean when I go in and that 1 to 2 times a week. Great Service also.” Finally, one other review says its “amazing.” I have been here numerous times, and can say this is one of the best Mexican restaurants ever. The fajitas are truly amazing, as well as the enchiladas. Great tortillas, and sopaphilas!”

If you’re a big fan of Mexican food and live in Tyler, you’re obviously familiar with Mercado’s to one extent or another. If you’re from out of town and you’re looking for a good Tex-Mex restaurant, why not consider Mercado’s amongst the many other Tex-Mex places in Tyler?

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