David’s Bridal Wedding Dresses in Tyler Texas

by admin on September 28, 2009

in Wedding Dresses

David’s Bridal is the most popular store for your special day. As I walked into Tyler’s popular wedding dress center, overwhelmed with white dresses and thousand dollar price tags, I take my first step to prepare for the most important day of a young girl’s life. The purchase of a wedding dress, is not like any other purchase. The wedding day is the time a woman is truly pampered. The girdle, the slip, the shoes, the veil, the layers and layers of lacy material, brings out the inner princess in us all. Woman gather around you parading choices to make your day just as you have always dreamed.

Walking down the crowded aisles displaying wedding dress after wedding dress, dresses grab at your ankles. The loud chatter of over enthusiastic brides-to-be fills the air. Bridesmaids’ griping about their disdain of their dresses rings in your ears. Its everything you dreamed, people waiting on you, friends awing, until you see the five guys sitting on the couches watching you and the other brides changing. Why are they there? Women are running around in their underwear and slips. There should be a rule against this kind of weird perversion. Do these guys even really want to be there, or were they dragged by their super controlling girlfriends that need their opinion for the new prom dress?

For the most part I love David’s Bridal in Tyler Texas. I love the butterflies that you get in your stomach when you find that perfect dress. I love the little sticker that makes your feet dance that reads “50 percent off”. I love standing on that pedestal dressed in the most memorable thing a girl can put on her body. I love the online access that makes it easy for your fiancé’s sister that lives in Alaska to get the same dress as your other bridesmaids in her size.

So after you get asked the question you waited so long for, make David’s Bridal your next step. But girls leave your men at home, they don’t want to be there anyway!

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