Get Paid to Exercise, Yes Really!

by admin on February 27, 2012

in Fitness Centers

XTC Fitness launched a 12 week weight loss challenge that is probably about half way through by now and the winner gets a lot of cash.

Now for those who missed out on this opportunity and for those that are not members at XTC Fitness you can still get paid to workout.

Here is how this works. There is a gym mobile application called Gympact that pays you money for working out. Unfortunately it is only available for the iPhone at this time.

It may sound too good to be true but it is for real. What happens is that you setup an account with them and a part of that includes giving them your credit card information.

You set a number of days you plan on working out at your gym per week. Gympact asks you to check-in through their app when you go to your gym so they know you went.

This application basically helps to keep you accountable to your gym workout goals. If you fail to go to the gym the allotted number of days you set than you end up paying money instead of getting money.

If you workout everyday you promised Gympact will pay you for it.

So what you have is a pool of money from all those people that failed to workout. If you are good at sticking with your fitness goals you have one more reason to show up to the gym now.

If you have yet to find the best Tyler TX gym I would like to direct you to go by Tony Cruz XTC Fitness & Sports. This is a very large mega-gym in Tyler I visit 4 – 5 days a week.

XTC has over 80 group exercise classes a week and is sure to give you plenty of planned out reasons why you should come to the gym at almost any hour of the day.

Other fitness applications that reward you although not in cash like Gympact are: Earndit, Fitocracy, Switch2Health, and Nexercise.

Earndit is the closest to Gympact because you can win gift cards to retail stores. You can connect your RunKeeper or FitBit account to this app. To connect up you can simply login to the app using Twitter, Facebook, Google, OpenID, and others and start earning.

If you just like that motivation that comes from the praises of others than Fitocracy may be the app you need. This app is heavy on the gamified aspect of design. You get a combination of a game and social network that allows users to join groups and motivate one another in a contest of sorts where you earn many different coveted badges.

Switch2Health is like Earndit because it allows you to win gift cards. This app is also compatible with many different devices such as the iphone, Nike, Foursquare, and Android.

The last app I am aware of is called Nexercise. This app is an iphone fitness app with a lot of promises such as coupons but at this time only offers a gamified competitive fitness experience with other gym goers like the popular Foursquare check-in service. You can expect things like badges for reaching different fitness achievements.

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