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by admin on September 5, 2012

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As a big sports fan, I typically prefer to watch my teams from the comfort of my own living room. This way, I can pause and rewind the games, get up and come back as I please without missing anything and not have to worry about where I’m at and who’s around to hear and see me react when something good or bad happens.

However, there are two alternatives for places to go other than home to watch the game in Tyler. The first is at Buffalo Wild Wings and the second is Double Daves Pizzaworks.

It’s no-wonder why Double Dave’s slogan is “Wings, beer, sports.” When you go, you’re paying for good food and a great atmosphere.

The best time to go to Buffalo Wild Wings is during football season on a Sunday afternoon. Every TV (and they have many) is tuned to one of the many NFL games and you don’t have to miss a thing. When one game is one a commercial break, you can simply turn your head and watch another game since you have several options.

Another slogan for Buffalo Wild Wings is “You have to be here,” and you’re a sports fan, it’s an atmosphere you have to experience at least once. Pick a game, any game. It can be your favorite team playing or the prime time game of the week.

While you’re there try out the many flavors of wings, beer and sports (sure, sports can have a favor, you just have to be there to experience it.)

Double Dave’s is one also on my list for favorite places to go to watch the game and eat. If you’re talking favorite overall place, it comes in third, after my living room and Buffalo Wild Wings.

The best time to go to Double Dave’s is during lunch for the buffet but honestly, there’s no wrong time. The pepperoni rolls are incredible and unlike anything else you’ve ever had and they have a wide range of different types of pizza, and of course, big screen TVs showing the biggest game taking place. What’s not to like?

As football season approaches, something to consider is to go during a Sunday or Monday night game. That’ll really make you ready.

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